Stark Kit Parts List



Here is the current list of the parts included in our full conversion kit. Please note the kit is subject to continuous updates.

1 x Custom nearside engine mount
1 x Custom offside engine mount
2 x Custom spacers
1 x Custom steady front chassis mount
1 x Custom torque steady front arm
1 x Custom steady rear chassis mount
1 x Custom torque steady rear arm
1 x Custom bush tube
2 x Custom spreader plates
2 x Steady bushes (pre-fitted)
1 x Powdercoating service
1 x Multi-piece fastener kit (nuts, bolts, washers etc)

1 x Custom gear linkage plate
4 x Custom rocker bushes
1 x Custom rocker left/right
1 x Custom rocker fore/aft
2 x Custom linkage spacer
4 x Gear linkage rod ends
2 x Custom gear cables
2 x Gearshift assistance springs
2 x Stainless steel stud bars
4 x Gear cable rod ends for cables
1 x Multi-piece fastener kit to suit above (nuts, bolts, washers etc)

2 x custom 300M hybrid driveshafts  with high quality new inner & outer CV joints  and grease (fully assembled)

1 x Custom stainless steel exhaust manifold with lambda boss
1 x Custom stainless steel exhaust manifold link pipe (or link pipe with Sports Cat if upgraded)
2 x Manifold gaskets
1 x Set of fasteners

1 x CNC sump baffles to suit K20 sump
1 x tube of gasket sealant

1 x Custom water hose assembly & clamps
1 x Multi-piece coolant hose kit inc 90 degree elbows & joiners
1 x Head to expansion tank hose
1 x Oil-water cooler hose
1 x Set of matching hose clamps

2m x Fuel hose (8mm ID)
10 x Fuel hose fittings
1 x Fuel hose brass T-piece
1 x Fuel filter (metal body)
1 x Webcon fuel pressure regulator

1 x Valve cover breather filter
1 x Induction hose & clips
1 x Large sheet of heatshield material
1 x Heatshield edging tape
25 x Rivets & washers
1 x Ancillary drive belt (to suit air-con removal)
1 x Custom clutch line adaptor hose
1 x Strip of protective edging trim
1 x Heavy-duty battery cable junction box
1 x Inline fuse holder and 20A fuse
1 x Reel of loom tape
1 x Bosch-style 4 pin relay (Elise S1 only)
4 x Undertray spacers
1 x Custom blanking plug
1 x Custom temperature sender adaptor
1 x Custom head outlet fitting & sealing washer
1 x Metal exhaust manifold gasket

1 x Packaging materials

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