Donor Package


As well as having the right car and our kit, you will need to source a Honda donor package (engine, gearbox and other parts) for the conversion.

Our build manual provides more guidance on donor cars and a comprehensive list of all the parts required, and is available to buy separately for £40.

See How to Order to obtain a personalised quotation.

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4 thoughts on “Donor Package”

  1. Dear Mr
    I need an exhaust manifold and CAT for elise S1 and the engine mounting kit.
    Can you let me know the price for them?
    I have an intracommunitary VAT number (VIES)
    Can you use it to pay the VAT on Spain?
    How i can do to place the order?
    Thanks in advance and all the best

  2. hi i am planing replaceing my s2 elise rover engine with the honda r20 engine can you give me a price for the compleate kit cheer

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