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To obtain a personalised quotation, email info@starkautomotive.co.uk with the following information:

  1. Your car model eg Elise S1, Elise S2, Exige S1 or 340R?
  2.  If it’s an Elise S2, please confirm it has a Rover (not Toyota) engine?
  3. Your choice of sub-kits or the full conversion kit?
  4. Whether you need a donor engine package (subject to availability)?
  5. Your choice of ECU, kit upgrades and optional extras?
  6. Your full name, address and a contact telephone number?

We will then provide a personalised quotation, usually within 24 hours, which will include detailed pricing, estimated lead time and our payment details.

The Top 10 most popular options/upgrades are:
1) K-Pro ECU
2) Sports cat upgrade (essential if the car needs to pass an MOT/TUV emissions test)
3) Uprated fuel pump
4) Uprated driveshaft grease
5) LSD  (plate for track, helical for road)
6) Stage One clutch kit
7) Engine preparation kit
8) Uprated rear toe links
9) Refurbished cam cover
10) Lightweight flywheel

Contact Us

You can contact us via our email info@starkautomotive.co.uk.  Alternatively, we can be reached by ‘phone on 01276 472953 or +44 1276 472953  if calling from outside of the UK.

Visitors welcome but strictly by appointment.  Workshop: Stillers Farm, Ewshot, Hants, GU10 5BT, UK.   Registered office:  Broadway Green Farm, Windlesham, Surrey, GU18 5SU, UK.  Stark automotive is a trading name of Racingxs Ltd, VAT Registration GB 127 0560, Company No. 07689137.

We look forward to helping you build your dream Lotus.

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8 thoughts on “Ordering & Contact”

  1. Hi,
    I am John from Greece and i have a friend with exige S1,
    He bought on 2008 a honda K20 ENGINE and he told me to ask you how much will cost all the other componets so for car to running ok. And a total cost plus shipping to Greece with and without vat.
    Thank you

  2. I am considering purchasing a 2006 Lotus Elise, which originally had AC. The car was converted to a JDM K20a type R engine. Are there AC components available to install AC with this engine on this car?

  3. Can the Honda K20 kit for the swap for Elise S2 be used for the Opel Speedster, LHD version of the VX220? What are the differences except for the DBW?
    Or do you make a kit specifically for the Opel Speedster (VX220) the NA 2.2 version?

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