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Stark Kit Parts List



Here is the current list of the parts included in our full conversion kit. Please note the kit is subject to continuous updates.

1 x Custom nearside engine mount
1 x Custom offside engine mount
2 x Custom spacers
1 x Custom steady front chassis mount
1 x Custom torque steady front arm
1 x Custom steady rear chassis mount
1 x Custom torque steady rear arm
1 x Custom bush tube
2 x Custom spreader plates
2 x Steady bushes (pre-fitted)
1 x Powdercoating service
1 x Multi-piece fastener kit (nuts, bolts, washers etc)

1 x Custom gear linkage plate
4 x Custom rocker bushes
1 x Custom rocker left/right
1 x Custom rocker fore/aft
2 x Custom linkage spacer
4 x Gear linkage rod ends
2 x Custom gear cables
2 x Gearshift assistance springs
2 x Stainless steel stud bars
4 x Gear cable rod ends for cables
1 x Multi-piece fastener kit to suit above (nuts, bolts, washers etc)

2 x custom 300M hybrid driveshafts  with high quality new inner & outer CV joints  and grease (fully assembled)

1 x Custom stainless steel exhaust manifold with lambda boss
1 x Custom stainless steel exhaust manifold link pipe (or link pipe with Sports Cat if upgraded)
2 x Manifold gaskets
1 x Set of fasteners

1 x CNC sump baffles to suit K20 sump
1 x tube of gasket sealant

1 x Custom water hose assembly & clamps
1 x Multi-piece coolant hose kit inc 90 degree elbows & joiners
1 x Head to expansion tank hose
1 x Oil-water cooler hose
1 x Set of matching hose clamps

2m x Fuel hose (8mm ID)
10 x Fuel hose fittings
1 x Fuel hose brass T-piece
1 x Fuel filter (metal body)
1 x Webcon fuel pressure regulator

1 x Valve cover breather filter
1 x Induction hose & clips
1 x Large sheet of heatshield material
1 x Heatshield edging tape
25 x Rivets & washers
1 x Ancillary drive belt (to suit air-con removal)
1 x Custom clutch line adaptor hose
1 x Strip of protective edging trim
1 x Heavy-duty battery cable junction box
1 x Inline fuse holder and 20A fuse
1 x Reel of loom tape
1 x Bosch-style 4 pin relay (Elise S1 only)
4 x Undertray spacers
1 x Custom blanking plug
1 x Custom temperature sender adaptor
1 x Custom head outlet fitting & sealing washer
1 x Metal exhaust manifold gasket

1 x Packaging materials

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Welcome to the Stark automotive blog



Welcome to the new Stark automotive blog.  We’ll be posting FAQs, news, design/development updates, links to project builds and other Stark Lotus stuff here, so check back soon.

Update: As of 2014, we will mostly announce news via our Twitter feed rather than blog posts.  Please follow us @Stark_Lotus.

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The Stark EliseR



When Stark automotive first started out, we built a demo car to showcase our fabulous Honda engine conversion.  This car was known as the EliseR and became quite famous (well, quite famous in Lotus circles anyway).    

The rest of this page captures the details of the original EliseR for the sake of posterity.

Stark automotive’s reconditioned Lotus Elise provides supercar pace and ability at a fraction of the usual price. Recapturing the unique features that made the original Lotus Elise so successful with near-double the power and a personalised specification to your precise  requirements.

We are able to offer EliseR as a Series 1 or Series 2 Elise, visually identical to when it first rolled off the production line, yet what sets the Stark automotive car apart from standard is the option of a Honda K20A2 i-VTEC engine. The K20 unit and 6-speed gearbox is the same as fitted to a Honda Civic Type R.

0005Performance: The kit using a standard UK spec K20A2 has proven outputs of 235 bhp and 169 lb-ft. In an Elise this standard engine provides approximate performance figures of 0-60mph in 3.9 seconds, 0-100mph in 9.5 seconds and a top speed of around 160mph, all with Honda reliability.

Our demonstrator car received top-rated reviews from the motoring press, with a cover feature at ‘Performance Tuner’ and a five-star ‘Driven’ test from EVO Magazine.

Supplying your own donor vehicle is possible and this will be reflected in the cost. The car is stripped to its chassis and parts before being rebuilt with brand new customer specified components, the pinnacle of which is our demonstrator specification EliseR.

Stark vehicles are all supplied with a comprehensive 12 month warranty (terms and conditions apply), 12 months MOT and 6 months road tax.

Please contact us with any questions or for a tailored quote. Click the photo below for a gallery of the EliseR, the full specification is listed further down the page.

0001.jpgThe Stark EliseR represents what we consider to be the ultimate Series 1 specification for all round road and track use, retailing at £27,995 on the road (price subject to variation).

The Stark EliseR is built around a reconditioned Lotus Elise chassis which is stripped, cleaned and prepared for new components, all of which are under warranty.

Bodywork & Exterior
Full colour change respray. Damaged trim components and seals replaced. New fasteners used in all required areas. Soft-top roof reconditioned. Lightweight polycarbonate rear window, black vinyl rear arch protectors. New aero style wiper blade fitted in place of the OE blade.

Wheels & Tyres
Lotus Sport 160 wheels refinished in Stark’s signature Gloss Black, shod with a new set of Yokohama A048R road legal track tyres.

Engine & Drivetrain
K20A Honda i-VTEC engine and 6-speed gearbox fitted using custom fitting kit. This kit comprises of Hondata K-Pro engine management, baffled sump, custom gear linkage and upgraded cables, custom built hybrid driveshafts, silicone coolant hoses, stainless steel manifold and 4” single tail pipe exhaust system complete with ‘bolt in’ catalytic converter.

New adjustable Nitron Racing coilover shocks sitting in stripped and powder coated wishbones and mounting brackets. Stripped and refinished hubs fitted with new wheel bearings and ball joints. New upgraded uniball toe links fitted to allow the use of soft compound tyres. Reconditioned steering rack mounted on raiser plates and fitted with new track rod ends. New droplinks and motorsport-specification anti-roll bar. Suspension and roll bar bushes replaced with new Powerflex polyurethane items to add extra responsiveness as well as having an extensive lifespan. Refinished rear subframe.

New aluminium belled, drilled and grooved discs with Pagid RS42 pads fitted all round. Brake flexi hoses upgraded with a set of new braided items and race-spec brake fluid.

Elise seats re-trimmed in Alcantara, the centres featuring a diamond stitched pattern. Sill pads re-trimmed to match.  Seatbelts replaced with new rigid bolted harness bar and Schroth 4 point harnesses. Trim items replaced where necessary, heater control sticker updated with a subtle new laser cut aluminium item.

Standard Stack dash unit retained following a mileage reset (at customer’s discretion). New lightweight Sparco 3-bolt steering wheel fitted. Standard Elise boot space retained.

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